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"Imagination is but another name for super intelligence."
-Edgar Rice Burroughs

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It's been sooo long since I last did a journal, so I've got a lot to share!
My great friend :iconrockdwarf: has started a brand new group which I've been helping with
which focuses on art of males who aren't traditionally masculine: :iconnon-manly-temple:
The Non-Manly-Temple is for producers of a very specific type of male art. If you feel
this is your thing come take a look and if you make this type of art then come and join! :eager:
:la: One reason it took so long to get this journal up is that I've been working my ass off on
my latest cartoon. Rainbow ray-gun guys Glert McNert & Jamie Heslep (:icontales-of-torment:
named them :happybounce:) are seen live in concert performing one of the digital oddities I
created :nod: Enjoy!

And speaking of YouTube (I am now speaking of YouTube), my dear friend :iconazikira:
has a YouTube channel where you can experience him entering the universe of videogames.
Behold:… Watch him do mad
videogame thing that I'm afraid to do! :eager:

Speaking of fear, did you know that: "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown"? At least that's what H.P.
Lovecraft said. Good old Lovecraft is a major inspiration to me, along with his pals Clark
Ashton Smith and Robert E. Howard, and that's part of what has got me writing again :nod:
If you haven't already, please check out these novels in progress:
Under the Moons of Nozittum Chapter 1
Under the Moons of Nozittum
Prologue: Aboard Steamship Amazon
In recent months many have asked me to tell of my meeting with Victor Cogan aboard the steamship Amazon. Others have requested that I never speak of it, some for fear that his story wouldn't be believed, others for fear that it would be. For better or worse I set it down now.
I had taken holiday in South America for my health, on the advise of a physician. On the second day of a steamship journey down the mighty Amazon through forboding and sultry jungle I began to conclude that my health would be no better for it.
I'd made the trip alone and lonely is what I felt. The other passengers, wealthy tourists and their offspring, made little attempt at pleasant conversation with the likes of me. Perhaps I looked unapproachable.
At noon I sat on deck, watching the tree-filtered sun shine down on the murky waters, broken sometimes by crocodiles and snakes. I must have been lost in thought because I didn't notice the young man sit do
Under the Moons of Nozittum Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Down and Out
The silk-clad attendant shushed me and another joined him in ushering me into the street. I was too weak to make much trouble for them and the other smokers couldn't be bothered to lend me a hand.
In seconds I went from the warm and lushly decorated den to the dreary cold of the London street, slicked with rain.
"Bastards!" I shouted at them. "I wasn't done!"
"You bother the other guests," the proprietor said. "Go away."
"Or what? You'll call a cop?"
"Please, go away."
I stumbled back and sputtered. My dope addled brain was a dull thing just then. I knew two things: 1) that my only desire was to find the elvish man I'd met on the beach and 2) the only conceivable way of returning to him relied to Opium.
I had no money.
I ducked out on the bill at a boarding house two nights ago and I knew of no one in town who would give me a loan.
I stole a hat and a pair of sunglasses off a tramp I found sleeping in a doorway and found a corner to play blind beggar. It took me
Under the Moons of Nozittum Chapter 3
Chapter 3
The Ferryman's Price
"Sorry, I accidentally... "
"We must be careful with old things, mustn't we?" the butler said, taking the statue from my hands and putting it on the shelf. I noticed for the first time his complete lack of eyebrows and a strange angle to his jaw which made it look ever slanted to the right and never at center.
"Yes... just how old is that sculpture?”
“I'm not sure, sir.”
“It's incredible workmanship, an amazing likeness of..."
In a chilling moment, the butler's eyes met mine. They seemed outraged. A steely challenge seemed to be in them, as if I were an invader and not a guest at all. No, it must have been the words I used. The look in his cold jealous face will stay with me always.
"...well," I continued. "It's likely a classical work to be included in Mr. Tarkington's collection. As you said, one must take care. Is is 6 yet?"
The butler seemed to recover himself "No sir, I'm just here bringing some fresh clothes." He set down a b

The Brood of Dr.Chen: Murder at Midnight
Chapter 1: Murder at Midnight
On a stormy Boston night, Lester Donovan sat near the gas heater in the solarium of the old house he'd rented for the summer and read over the transcription of an ancient text that had suddenly become pertinent. The so-called “Book or Zor” had been unearthed to little interest on Malta fifty years before. The book fit into no timeline of religion, culture, or empire, it was written off by the archeologists of the day as so much rubbish.
Donovan gathered his silk robe about himself and peered with interest at the translated words:
“ ...and that night, Gundar's third reign was to end. His executioners bribed their way into his inner sanctum and did cut the god-king down in his sleeping chamber. These unbelievers all swore that no sooner had the daggers cut out the king's life than did the body of Gundar vanish and the sound of divine laughter flooded the chamber. And yet the blood remained on their blades...”
History never recorded a
The Brood of Dr.Chen: A Story in their Eyes
Chapter 2: A Story in Their Eyes
Back at the police station the men tried to sort out the mess.
“Absolutely incredible,” Sergeant Wilkins shouted. “Are you sure this was the work of that devil doctor of yours?”
“Yes,” Cedric Nyles said. “This was indeed the doctor, I think we can consider him alive and dangerous.”
“How the devil does this Ching manage to completely bypass our security and murder a man I'd have sworn was safer than the president himself.”
“His name is Chen,” Cedric corrected. “Qin Shi Chen, he's a doctor of medicine, or history, and of occult studies...”
“Well, whatever he is he just made fools of this entire department, and let me tell you that's the last thing we need. The press still think of us all as shiftless Bolsheviks and the public isn't likely to think much better.”
Nyles and Wilkins paced the second floor office. Blains, the Secret Service man, sat at the desk, pip
The Brood of Dr.Chen: The Mansion of Dr.Chen
Chapter 3: The Mansion of Dr. Chen
Donovan shook himself to his senses and became conscious of Cedric's arms pulling him out of the wreck through a shattered window. “What a time for an accident!” Donovan muttered.
“It couldn't be that, Lester,” Nyles pulled him to his feet and brushed him off. “No, this was intentional. The doctor means to scare us off, or...”
A small sound, like a cough came from the cab. Crouching to investigate the men realized the police car had landed in drainage ditch, mercifully filled with garbage from the surrounding buildings. The officer at the wheel was clearly dead, his face smashed horribly against the steering column, but the other sputtered, face bloodied and only half alive.
“Lester, quick, hold his head and I'll get him the right way up. I don't think the neck's been broken.”
Lester did as he was told as Nyles climbed back into the car “Little chance of getting and ambulance out here.”

Which were also partly inspired by good old :iconrockdwarf: who has been kind of enough to
endure my personal brand of literary madness :hug:

baby you can drive my car But I know you all really came here for....
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I'm full of projects and madness! Expect to see things and more cartoons after I recover from doing the last one :la:
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a cartoon character made flesh
Artist | Other
United States
I'm the product of many influences. I am first and foremost a surrealist continuing the Surrealist tradition. Fantastic and Macabre art are also playgrounds of mine, pretty much anything that sends you into dreamland. I am a film buff and aspire to the cinematic. I'm not really into videogames, so any similarity between them and my art is likely a coincidence. My vision is both organic and deliberate. Come join me on a 20th century time machine.

Current Residence: Olympia, WA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: whatever size hides fat
Print preference: the living artist in my residence to create unspeakable art with me
Favourite genre of music: blues, rock, hair metal, soul, glam
Favourite photographer: Man Ray, Vittori Storaro, Gordon Willis, Robert Richardson, Tonio Deli Coli
Favourite style of art: the kind that doesn't suck
Operating System: the circulatory system
MP3 player of choice: phonograph
Shell of choice: air freshener
Wallpaper of choice: human skin
Skin of choice: wallpaper
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck, Spongebob, MC Scat Cat, Muppet Babies, Me, Master Shake, SuperTed
Personal Quote: "I don't share opinions, I state facts."
Favorite Movies: The Trial(Welles), Night of the Hunter, Ikiru, M, Alien, The Last Tango in Paris, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Suspiria, Taxi Driver, Wild Strawberries, The Last Temptation of Christ, Nights of Cabiria, The Shining, Apocalypse Now, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Poltergeist, The French Connection, The Fury, The Fall (Tarsem), Bay of Blood, Duck Soup, In Cold Blood, etc...


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