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"Imagination is but another name for super intelligence."
-Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Group Idea: A 19th Century styled magazine, complete with ads, cover art, and serial stories. There's be weekly or bi-monthly issues put out as a mass journal. Interested? 

16 deviants said Tell me what you think!
Ariahdeliah by PantherModern23Strength Through Struggle by Tales-of-TormentKachina Doll by solark

Tard Spaz :omgnoes: spaz dudSpaz emote  Hello again, everybody! Spaz attack :updated: OMGyeahplz PinkLove :spazflip: 

Before I get into the heart of this journal, let's take a little glance at my friend :iconazikira: doing some of that July Indie-Gaming thing that he likes so well Excite Spasm

:omgomg: You can see his fayse!:excited: rvmp
:happy-wave: :tribblela: Giddy Up Llama :lovesquee: Excited Squishy :omgomgbb: Extremely excited :hyper: Bear Emoji-05 (Excited) [V1] :flowerla: Stoked :Excited-Love: Excited Dummy :emote excited wave: :excited: :hellyla: Emotion-Yeeey! Dancing Emote
Okay, so it's a week later and I'm pretty settled into my place. Mostly I haven't started unpacking yet or anything, but I have been sifting through my paperbacks and I've got a couple shelves set up to organize my ever growing reading cue. Rave Emote

Excited Snivy Gif NaNoEmo - Day 10 SOME ADVICE TO MY FELLOW DEVIANTS :happywave: :lomg: 

A lot of you folks know what you're doing already and don't need any help, and this isn't directed at anyone in particular. I've been cruising around DA quite a lot this week and it's got me thinking about a few things. :biblepanic:
:beela: Mostly I'd like to talk about site saturation, or more directly, frequency of submission. A lot of us here are very prolific or else we get a wide circulation via groups, or both. This pretty much applies to me too, I once submitted 500 pieces in a single year. This can have a bad effect on your watchers, because it's possible to get too much of anything, for example:
Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote Excited Emote
People browsing through art are most likely going to want a variety and if your stuff keeps popping up again and again (especially if it's the same picture submitted to 70 groups), people are going to tire of it, no matter how much they liked it the first time. Even if the picture is only in a handful of groups, or if you only submitted a couple at once, the deja vu effect is still there:
:hyperventilating: :platypusla: Mad Emote :Excited: Excited Emote Excited Emote Pingin excited :holidayemote: Excited Emote Emote-I think I love you... NaNoEmo - Day 3 - Enthralled - paratard Kinky-Angel - Enthralled :EXCITED: Excited Emote Excited Emote :omgush: :EXCITED:
...if you get my meaning. We all want our art to be seen, to get exposure, to be discovered. My friend :iconbeachelf: pointed out to me that scarcity actually increases your picture's chances on here and over the past two years I've found this to be true. If you let the other fella try and flood the site and only let your own work out at intervals, your work will get more views. Next time you see a work that's been crammed into a hundred or more groups, inspect the pageview stats: it will likely not even have as many views as the number of groups it's in. Nobody is in just one group, they're in several, and anything in multiple groups pops up for them again and again. They can only view it once a day and they can only fave it once, but if they see it getting forced on them they might just delete it and move on. Make you picture the special one:
scared scared scared scared :holidayemote: :holidayemote: :holidayemote: :holidayemote: scared scared scared scared :holidayemote: :holidayemote: :holidayemote: :holidayemote: Excited Emote :holidayemote: :holidayemote:
It's like in a two to three minute rock song, the solo comes along to keep the whole thing from getting old. Make your art the solo and people will tune in just for your stuff.
Excited Emote excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited
Now this doesn't mean to stop submitting or stop making art so often. Art is your passion and that's why it's good. Once your picture is posted, give your watchers and potential watchers a day or more to discover it before bring out something else. If you use groups (I know you do), put your picture in only one group to start and don't submit to a second until your pageviews reflect that the people in that group have really had a chance to look. My buddy :iconbeachelf: advised I wait 100 views between group submissions, but you go with whatever rate you're comfortable with. Excited Emote
Excited Emote Your art is special and it deserves to be seen and I hope this will help it get seen as often as it deserves to. Remember too that DA is a community, if often a dysfunctional one, so be sure to show some love to your fellow artists, like these guys:
Untitled by entropic-mysteriesLooking Up by ClamdiggyUntitled by entropic-mysteries
Interface27 by alex-safonovInterface26 by alex-safonov
Severed Spine by crazyruthie
In the blue garden by EdiePhoenix
Untitled by entropic-mysteriesTotenTanz by MushroomBrain
Mother Nature's Hand by Clamdiggy480 by TheHazir
Hearts Are Bought by randoymwordsartSeeNoLies by nteko
Builtright 2 by randallstuartpeik
Release Mechanism by randallstuartpeik
Knight of Cups by randoymwordsartPage of Cups by randoymwordsart
Keep on Track by DianneHoffmanPostcard from the Apocalypse by Napper5565
Abandoned Machine Shop - Typewriter by cjheeryBird Jaune by Tales-of-Torment9947 by filthy-hands
Shiny La :la: Spin Rainbow La An Emoticon From Years Gone By Rainbow La -plz account- The Badass :la: Heart La Meow la plz La is puking Rainbows Toilet Paper :zikesfanclub: :Dummy La: FURIOUS LA. :ladummydate: Walkin' the Rock
By the way, on Patreon I've started posting a mature series of Gigeresque pictures based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars books and they are pretty nutty. They're too hot for DA so you can only see them there Banana Laaaaaa (See: )
Patreon Teaser 2 by leothefox
Crank Dat -Supaman Dance- :iconlasingplz: I can fly :la-throw: Foxy Dummy JETPACK WHOOOOO Its A Girl :la: :ladummyhug: Bouncing La Emote :larain: :omglaa: :iconlarockplz:

:flowerla: :lalala: Now Let's Listen To A MusicPaddle La Foxy Wave 

baby you can drive my car Did I hear somebody say "encore"?

:snuggiela: bouncing rainbow la la-tective :bbla: v2 :lawave: :noesla: + PLZ Starman :la: :fsjala: Fat La Rehost :chusagila: :jellyla: :angella: la-hyperwave-4 rub my belly plz C: Hat Flip I r liek a Merican Idol :sing: la HungryLa
Thanks for stopping by, everybody! I hope you're all having a great day!
Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Excited Emote Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa Banana Laaaa 

  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: The Three Degrees
  • Reading: Lovecraft + Gene Wolfe
  • Watching: MST3K, DA, my new apartment
  • Playing: at waking up after like 10 hours
  • Eating: not sure yet?
  • Drinking: water


a cartoon character made flesh
Artist | Varied
United States
I'm the product of many influences. I am first and foremost a surrealist continuing the Surrealist tradition. I'm also really into Illustration and advertising art from years past. I keep trying to bring back that 1900 aesthetic. Fantastic and Macabre art are also playgrounds of mine, pretty much anything that sends you into dreamland. I am a film buff and aspire to the cinematic. I'm not really into videogames, so any similarity between them and my art is likely a coincidence. My vision is both organic and deliberate. Come join me on a 20th century time machine.

Current Residence: Olympia, WA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: whatever size hides fat
Print preference: the living artist in my residence to create unspeakable art with me
Favourite genre of music: blues, rock, hair metal, soul, glam
Favourite photographer: Man Ray, Vittori Storaro, Gordon Willis, Robert Richardson, Tonio Deli Coli
Favourite style of art: the kind that doesn't suck
Operating System: the circulatory system
MP3 player of choice: phonograph
Shell of choice: air freshener
Wallpaper of choice: human skin
Skin of choice: wallpaper
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck, Spongebob, MC Scat Cat, Muppet Babies, Me, Master Shake, SuperTed
Personal Quote: "I don't share opinions, I state facts."
Favorite Movies: The Trial(Welles), Night of the Hunter, Ikiru, M, Alien, The Last Tango in Paris, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Suspiria, Taxi Driver, Wild Strawberries, The Last Temptation of Christ, Nights of Cabiria, The Shining, Apocalypse Now, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Poltergeist, The French Connection, The Fury, The Fall (Tarsem), Bay of Blood, Duck Soup, In Cold Blood, etc...


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xia-kaligh Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
I love your style!
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Thank you very much:):)
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Thanks a lot for the fav' ! Kano Shuuya (Happy) [V7] 
And btw, I really like your gallery !! ♥
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Hey, thanks for the fave.
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Thank you so much, for faving! Rose
metamage Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
LEO LEO LEO! I love your journals. I'm so glad you're settling in to your new digs and that you've begun to get your books up and in place around you. A home is just not "home" without one's paper and ink sensearound universe billeting you and keeping you safe! Gay Rights Icon - F2U Stormfire Dancing Avvie Dancing Tara Strong icon 

I had to laugh at your admonitions regarding subbing too many pieces at one time. I've had the same pet peeve, especially when confronted with 30 new deviations by the same artist every other day or so. Inside Out Reaction Icon: Sadness That does get to be not only overwhelming, but mucho boring, and then one races though the DEVS instead of supping upon them . . .(or just hitting delete!) But I did have to laugh . . . I've never gone beyond 47 pageviews for any one piece . . . I've never even came close to hitting 100 views, so I don't think I have to worry about too many submissions yet. Freddy intensifies  Many of us, dear Leo, just muddle along with a few viewers. Then there are others who join tons of groups and submit everywhere and the pieces become as interesting as junquemail! I've stopped WATCHING a handful of others because of their artistic sameness - their repeating basically the same image over and over again.

On the other hand, I'm so excited by my own piddling around with this new medium, I can't wait to do more, Adorable~FREE Avatar Icon/ChatIcon  and like any kid, show EVERYTHING! (But I hold back, cuz not EVERYTHING is worth showing, of course.) Still, I used to have the same thought regarding submissions - keep it down to a couple a week, keep the quality up, but DAMN! It does get hard to restrain oneself when the kid inside wants to just go BONKERS! :dancingkid2:  I've fought with myself over this issue . . .  reprimanding my need to share something almost daily . . . and then I came to the decision that I'm NOT putting up submissions so much to get FAVES, but to show myself I can be innovative and can be proud of it, too. So I made the personal decision to do both by keeping submissions down to maybe five a week, and to submit them to other groups only when asked - to let the work go out into the universe and live or die on its own, in it's own small way, and on it's own merits. I'm grateful I've got the attention of a few really talented artists like YOU, and sharing with this very special group is heaven to me. I don't need the world to see my work, but I sure love that a special handful, do!

I'm glad you brought this whole idea up, 'cuz it never occurred to me to saturate the site with repetitions of the same image everywhere, (for some this must be almost impossible not to do,) and I realized I occupy the same place most artists here do, just being happy SOMEONE looks at the work. Most of us piddle around, barely willing to expose ourselves to the masses. I'm SO not of this generation of self-promotion . . . It's a whole 'nother universe. This kind of mercenary approach to submitting - blitz attacking the site - it's anathema to me, but must seem like candy to others. Markiplier What? (The Cutest Little Warfstache) 

One LAST THING! I can't wait to dip into your sexy deviations, and am so glad you let us all know where we can find them. Your work luxuriates in the sensual and it will be divine seeing you cut loose!

I'm proud of you and all you do;
 AND PROUD TO CALL YOU A FRIEND! .: F2U :. Freddy Fazbear Icon Plushtrap Chat Icon Cream the Rabbit pixel.

Thanks Mr. Fox, for showing us that a talented, sensitive, artistic person can . . .

(1) lose their supports and still survive the changes
(2) keep the faith and not withdraw or collapse into hopelessness
(3) be there for others even while in the midst of emotional and/or financial collapse 
(4) and to show though sharing your pain honestly and with humility, that there is another side to black rainbows.

Thanks for demonstrating that kindness to others even while in the midst of deprivation paves the way of the heart, and all that all acts are returned, (especially compassion) times three and three again.

Asking for help is not a weakness but an ACT OF FAITH IN A KIND AND TRUSTING UNIVERSE. Reaching out CAN BE WORTH THE RISK if one comes from a true and beautiful heart and a place of genuine good will.

KINDNESS expands out into the universe just as handily as disruption, and brings us all, a kind of hope, so . . . THANKS. 

I salute you, Sir!!   GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Pony Head Natsu Dragneel Smile Gay Rights Icon - F2U Jensen/Dean Dance ~ Free to use! 

Your META.
leothefox Featured By Owner 2 days ago   General Artist
SPAZ Meta! Hi, buddy! You know I love to write them
and I'm so happy when people enjoy reading them Random Spaz
It can be hard to advise people here in general (which
might be why I haven't done this too often before), just
cuz everybody seems to have different reasons for
being here and for doing art. I remember being shy
about sharing arts and writings early on, even with close
friends too Excite Spasm
Spaz attack :updated: I went through a bunch of weird phases here on DA,
including the year I submitted 500 artworks in a mad
race of quantity over quality :omgnoes:
PinkLove 47? Perhaps we should try and boost those numbers
just a tad :la: There's nothing wrong with coming at it
in a no-pressure way and staying close with close friends
and all. I think the only reason I did things the way I
did them is that I got all OCD about my submission stats.
Hehe and I am so out of practice on cutting loose! When
I came to DA in 2006 I did tons of erotic type stuff and
it was a harsh lesson trying to tone it down for here. :PinkNoes:
OMGyeahplz DA will always be my home, cuz there are so many
sweet folks here, like you, Meta :hug:
Spaz Christmas Fairy-Pixie Thank you so much for your kind words dear, buddy!
This is a wonderful thing to have found here on waking up,
this is like a sunrise at the start of my day :heart:
Love Spaz I hope you're having a great day :hug:
metamage Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL! Dev art is some kind of training ground . . .for what? Who knows, but I'm sure glad it's here so us odd fellows can find each other. I'd like to boost my numbers, maybe you can give me some pointers. I've always been so obscure, it never occurs to me it could be any different. I think it's important to give people credit where credit is due. I'm glad it put a smile on your face. Hope it warmed your heart, too.

Love ya, kid.
leothefox Featured By Owner 5 hours ago   General Artist
:la: nemesis It's all kinds of stuff, a playground, a cafe, a gallery,
a back-alley, a movie theater, a comic book store, and
a grocery store news-stand too! Budgie Blob
Josh and Craig Emotes You are so friendly and awesome that it otter be
really easy for you to snag folks' attention :nod:
:ilovedAliterature: You warmed my heart all kinds, dear buddy!
Spreading the love is what it's all about SO MUCH LUFF

Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] Love you too, Meta! I love the earth + Earth Hour 
nashbrody Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant Professional Traditional Artist
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