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Submitted on
December 25, 2011


2 (who?)
I hope the winter holidays are treating you all well.
Hugs all around :iconcircleplz::tighthug::iconbonklers::iconaawplz:
Here's hoping, as always, that you all stay safe, well, and happy.

* * *

I'm approaching 65,000 pageviews.
As usual I'm offering something for
whoever gets me the screen shot of the number.
This times it's a one month DA membership.
:hug: thanks in advance, everybody.

f e a t u r e s
Grave of a warior by twoclicks
Girona... Spain... 2010... by HMissXX
outside in by awjay
THE CAT AND THE CRADLE... by Biomech44
Genesis : Roots by Bibire
P.O.W Male by PeteHamilton
132 by Zahiruddin
going mobile by live-by-evil
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: movie
  • Reading: john dies at the end
  • Watching: Superfly
  • Playing: at gifting
  • Eating: nuffing
  • Drinking: water
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congratz on reaching 65K views, if everything holds well, I shall get there too soon, (in something over 60 years, which is just around the corner, considering the advances that cryogenics makes these days, I shall have my cryochamber ready in two years tops, and then I will program it to defrost me when I reach 64599 views, so I can relish that moment :))
:hug: thanks, my friend.
I'm sure you'll reach 65,000 sooner than you expect.
My first couple years on DA were slow as well. Just
keep posting work and supporting your fellow artists
and you'll make it :nod:
Happy Holidays again, great buddy buddy! Thank you so much both for the feature and the fave! Hope you reach your 65000 page views real soon! You certainly deserve that! :heart: you!!!
Thank you, sweet buddy! :hug: You just reached 6,000, congratulations!
haha, thanks, my wonderful buddy! :iconpenguinglompplz:
:iconpenguindance: I'll bet you get to 10,000 in no time at all :D
I don't know about that my sweet buddy...the thing that matters the most is that I've made some wonderful friends here and of course you're at the top in my list! :tighthug:
:tighthug: I am so glad to hear it, buddy :icongiantlovehug:
hrn Dec 26, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
happy holidays to you too :)
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